Triangular Origami Gift Box – Part 2 (The Lid)

Triangular Origami Gift Box – Part 2 (The Lid)

If you missed my last post, in Part 1 I covered the steps to create the base of this triangular origami gift box. If you tried and it didn’t quite work out don’t be discouraged because I didn’t get it right on my first attempt either.

Today I’m covering the steps to create the lid of the box. The folds for the lid are almost exactly the same as for the base except for one or two folds at the beginning. The key for the lid is: 1) you must use the same size paper as you did for the base and 2) the final lid must be slightly larger than the base in order to fit overtop the base. To achieve this, instead of your first fold ending at the centermark, it needs to be folded slightly past the centermark as you’ll see in the video. Once you get this step correct, the rest of the folds should fall into place.


  • Square paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Plastic card for creasing (optional)
  • Embellishments (optional)


Lid Embellishments

While beautiful on it’s own, I decided to kick it up a notch and finished off the box with simple embellishments made from buttons I sourced from a local haberdashery. You could also use ribbons, paper cut outs or rhinestones.

Since becoming a parent I don’t spend nearly as much time as I’d like doing things like wrapping gifts. It was one of my favourite things to do as a young adult. I thoroughly enjoyed conceptualizing “an idea”; purchasing the gift wrap paper, ribbon, embellishments and matching greeting cards and then executing my design. While not as elaborate as some of the gifts I have wrapped in the past, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my triangular origami gift box come to life. The experience has been fun and very rewarding. Something to add to my gift giving routine and hopefully yours too.

Did you try this project?

I’d love to see it, share in the comments or tag @craftyourbeautiful on Instagram and include the hashtag #craftyourbeautiful.

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