Place Card for Fall or Thanksgiving

Place Card for Fall or Thanksgiving

If you didn’t see my Turkey Thanksgiving place card you can check it out here. It’s such a cute, playful approach to the Thanksgiving dinner table. I could barely contain myself when it all came together. But let’s say you’re not so playful or you want something more mature. The turkey place card won’t tie in with the rest of your vision for Thanksgiving dinner – I totally get that!

Many associate place cards with weddings, but they can be used for any sit-down type gathering. Not only do they designate seating, they can help you navigate guests that aren’t the most amicable. Aunt Sally not too fond of Cousin Lindsay? Well guess what? Use place cards to seat them at opposite ends of the table.

Today’s inspiration is a place card for fall. It features a robin perched atop a classic fall tree branch. The crisp white background lets the rustic oranges of the leaves and the guest’s name pop.

Not complicated by any means this is a simple elegant option for fall or Thanksgiving. I hope it sparks your creativity and inspires your version of beautiful.

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