How To Make Lion King Chip Bags

How To Make Lion King Chip Bags

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DIY Lion King Chip Bags are fun, easy to make and yet another way to develop your party theme.

I recently threw a Lion King themed party for my son’s 4th birthday where I incorporated DIY Lion King Chip Bags. My son is a Lion King fanatic! Even before the photorealistic CGI-animated remake in 2019 he adored it so a Lion King themed party was an easy choice.

Everyone knows I’m big on décor and theme-setting so I had to find ways to inject Lion King into several aspects of the décor. When I came across DIY chip bags it was a no-brainer – they’re fun, easy to make and my son and his friends would love them. And love them they did. The kids devoured them!

A couple tips if you’re planning on making your own chip bags:

  1. Make sure you have a good adhesive otherwise your chip bags will come apart.  I used the  Scotch Advanced Tape Glider which comes with 2 rolls of 1/4″ tape.  That’s more than enough for 50 bags of chips.
  2. For a professional touch, I also used the Marvy Uchida Corrugator Paper Crimper (Straight) to crimp the edges of the chip bag. This is optional but it does give them that authentic chip-bag look.
  3. You can design your own chip bag, but I purchased these ones on Etsy.  I took them to my local print shop and got them printed on 100lb paper. Then it was time to assemble them.  This can be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, you can zip through them.

Now buy your mini chip bags and it’s time for the assembly:

Lion King Chip Bags

Materials To Make Lion King Chip Bags

  • Mini chip bags
  • Chip bag design
  • Adhesive
  • Paper crimper (optional)

Instructions for Lion King Chip Bags

STEP 1: Position the Chip Bag Pattern

Place your printed chip bag design pattern down on a flat surface (landscape orientation).

STEP 2: Apply Adhesive

Apply adhesive to the three sides of the printed paper (the two wide sides and one short side).


STEP 3: Position the Chip Bag

Place the mini chip bag in the center of the printed design.


STEP 4: Seal Sides of Chip Bag

Fold the left and right sides of the paper toward the middle of the chip bag and adhere together. Press down the flap so it lays flat.


STEP 5: Seal Top of Chip Bag

Press together the edges at the top of the chip bag and the edges at the bottom of the chip bag.


STEP 6: Crimp Edges

Roll the top and bottom edges through the paper crimper.


Voilà There you have it!  Lion King themed chip bags for your party!

Did You Make These Chip Bags?

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