How To Create a Mexican Party Theme

How To Create a Mexican Party Theme

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Party themes are an excellent way to create an event with a cohesive ambience. They can range from the very simple using colours only to the very complex recreations of an era in history . Whatever your theme, the goal is to have every aspect of the party reflect it cohesively. Today we are examining five ways you can create a Mexican party theme.


The first opportunity to introduce guests to the theme is through the invitation. Invitations should grab their attention and entice guests to want to attend. For a Mexican theme, how about sending your invitations in the shape of a sombrero? Or have the invitation in the shape and pattern of a serape?

Your theme should be obvious from the invitation. Include details of venue, date, time and also what you want guests to do or provide. Should they wear Mexican costumes, sombreros, pueblas or ponchos? Should they dress in a particular colour? Are there any dietary restrictions?

The Use of Colour

Mexican Party Colours

Use of colour is one of the easiest most impactful ways to theme a party. Colours set the mood and can be used throughout the party starting with the invitation. Use colours that make sense for the theme. For a Mexican theme, look to traditional Mexican culture for inspiration. Choose vibrant colours such as those in a traditional serape. Decide whether you want to use a few or many colours. Whatever you choose, ensure the colours chosen can work in all aspects of the decor.


Well executed decor will wow your guests and leave them talking about your event for days to come. This is where I have the most fun and often get carried away. When it comes to decor, it’s crucial to take time to do your research and think through your vision. Not every idea that comes to mind will be feasible or even suitable for your space or budget. Be armed with many ideas so that if something doesn’t work out, you have another to fall back on.

Visit The Space

Planning decor blindly is risky business. I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to see the space you will be decorating. I remember trying to plan decor for my girlfriend’s bridal shower. It was being held at my parents home but I was living away from home halfway across the world at the time.

Mexican Pinata Decor

I knew what the space looked like but without measurements, I struggled to figure out what would work in different areas. In the end I relied on colour and a Xmas tree decorated with money-folded origami (gifts from the guests) as my decor. Safer than I would have liked but the only decor I was confident would work.

All that to say – make sure you see the space up close and personal in advance of planning your decor. Visit the space armed with a measuring tape and notepad and record measurements! Even the most talented of us forget. If you’re anything like me and have pregnancy brain even when not pregnant, if it’s not written down your goose is slaughtered.

Placement of Decor Elements

Think through placement of major elements. For instance you know at a minimum you’ll probably have food tables and seating. Where should these be placed? Are you thinking of having activities such as photo booths, games or a bouncy castle? How much space should be allocated for each? Map it out and if possible, rough sketch where you foresee everything being placed. This will help you determine if your space can accommodate everything.

Once you’ve figured out placement of major elements, determine where decor should go. Pinterest is a great resource for getting ideas – not only of types of decor but how they can be arranged. Don’t be bashful about using it.

Balance The Decor

You want your decor to be balanced – not too overpowering and not too scant. It is helpful to think of decor in terms of focal points. Arrange decor to catch the eye at various focal point levels e.g. ceiling, eye level and floor. For a Mexican theme, think about suspending star pinatas and Papel Picado banners from the ceiling; use paper fans to decorate walls; serapes as rugs or table runners and maracas as accent pieces on a food or dessert table.

Don’t forget tableware counts as decor. If you can, choose plates, cups, bowls and cutlery in colours and patterns that tie in with the theme. This can make the world of difference and ensure your theme is applied seamlessly. For a Mexican theme, think colourful condiment bowls and platters with floral motifs like these ones.

Food and Drink

Mexican Food Table

Regardless of how spectacular the decor, if the food sucks, it will be the only thing guests remember. Make sure to incorporate tasty foods to appeal to various dietary requirements. For a Mexican fiesta, nachos, tacos, guacamole and enchiladas are all fitting. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic libations can also be provided.

Enhance Party Themes with Entertainment

Entertainment Mexican Party

Pre-planned entertainment is not necessary, but can enhance your party themes. Imagine your Mexican fiesta with a live mariachi band. If budget doesn’t allow for a live band, a mariachi music playlist can suffice. Something as simple as playing a YouTube clip of Jarabe Tapatío and having guests imitate for a small prize can be hilarious. Additionally, a photo booth set up in a corner with props can provide entertainment for hours.

When deciding on the type of entertainment, always consider your audience. Children are probably not as interested in a live band as adults for example. Whatever you decide, make sure it is fun and safe for all.

Remember, invitations are your first impression so make them count. Use them not only to provide time/date logistics, but to introduce the theme, explain what is expected and request information such as dietary restrictions.

Secondly, use colours that complement the theme. For our Mexican theme we opted for vibrant colours, but if planning a baby shower think cool pastels that symbolize calmness. Incorporate colour into every aspect of your theme from invitations to decor, food and entertainment.

Third, decor brings the theme together. Go as crazy as your budget allows. Brainstorm ideas and ensure you see the space where you plan to host your party.

Fourth, incorporate tasty foods that tie in with the party theme. Regardless of how awesome your decor, if the food sucks, the party sucks.

And finally incorporate entertainment suitable for the theme. Entertainment will liven up the party and will be the difference between an ok party and one that is “tha bomb.”

Now you’re armed with the information, I hope you feel more confident to get out there and create your Mexican themed festivities and inpsire your beautiful one craft at a time.

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