Doughnut Decorating Kit – How-To Create At Home

Doughnut Decorating Kit – How-To Create At Home

Looking for a fun option for a party? Why not try a doughnut decorating kit? Let’s suppose you’re in lock down and your kiddo’s birthday is approaching. What the heck do you do as a birthday celebration? I was faced with the exact dilemma a few weeks ago. I knew there would be no traditional party given COVID restrictions, but still wanted him to have a way to connect with his friends and allow them to join in the celebration.

After much deliberation, I decided on a virtual doughnut decorating party. I thought it would be fun, minimal prep work and easy to coordinate. It would be the cheapest party I would likely every host at under $30.

To increase participation and reduce stress on parents, I provided the doughnut decoration kits. Kids just needed to “show up” and their kit already contained everything they needed to decorate their masterpieces.

In this post I’ll focus on how I put together the doughnut decorating kit. I already had many of the things needed for the kit at home and probably you do too. I only had to purchase the toppings and squeeze bottles. Everything else I was able to pull from my stash or make from scratch.

Decorating Kits

I did not want to inconvenience parents by giving them the responsibility of sourcing their own doughnuts, toppings and frosting etc. I felt it might just add to an already stressful situation. So providing the doughnut decorating kits it was. The kit would contain everything needed for their little one(s) to decorate till their heart’s content while ensuring the most stress-free option for already busy parents.

These kits were very inexpensive and easy to put together. You can opt to make it even easier by purchasing the doughnuts and frosting instead of making them.

Each kit consisted of :

  • Doughnuts
  • Frosting
  • Toppings
  • Spoons
  • Containers for the toppings
  • Surface protector

Hubby agreed to take care of the doughnuts so I could focus on the more creative aspects. He had made a batch a few weeks prior that were delicious so I didn’t have any reservations about handing this over to him.

That left the remainder of the kit for me to figure out.


Doughnut Decorating Kit Toppings

First decision was toppings. What toppings to include that both kids and adults would enjoy. Despite this being a kids affair, I knew without a doubt the adults would also be indulging – I was not wrong.

So I started with my son’s favourites – gummies and rainbow sprinkles. For the adults, I included pretzels, and potato chips and finished it off with chocolate teenys and peanut M&Ms after confirming with each family there were no peanut allergies.


Next decision was frosting, after all, what’s a doughnut decorating kit without frosting? I went with a basic vanilla frosting glaze because vanilla is my son’s favourite – vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream. I’ve tried convincing him to try chocolate, almond, cinnamon etc. but once vanilla is an option he will go with vanilla. Now the flavour was decided, I got to thinking how to keep the frosting on the doughnuts.


That led to thinking how to package everything?

I got to thinking how to keep the frosting on the doughnuts and not everywhere else in the house. I know all too well how 5 yr olds operate and having an open bowl of frosting was not going to be an option. Memories of a kiddies gingerbread decorating party circa 2018 are still fresh in my mind!

Doughnut Decorating Kit

Instead I chose dispensing squeeze bottles. Little hands could easily grab and squeeze and parents would be elated they didn’t have to police an open bowl of sticky frosting.

With all my toppings laid out, I took treat bags and used a scoop to fill them.

Once the bags were filled I used my sealer to seal the bags. If you don’t have a sealer, Ziploc bags or disposable portion cups with lids can work just as well. In fact, in retrospect, the disposable portion cups would have been less work but I was trying to use as many things I already had at home.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

Labels were added to the topping bags to clearly identify them.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

Doughnuts and the frosting bottles were also sealed in a similar way. Brown kraft paper was added to the box as a protective workspace covering and plastic spoons and cupcake liners included to hold any dipped out toppings.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

Everything went into a cardboard cake box.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

A label was added to the top of the kit box and boxes delivered to each family. You can get my labels here.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

And here are the masterpieces.

Doughnut Decorating Kit

I cannot explain the relief once it was all over. The kids had fun, the adults enjoyed themselves and the doughnuts were a hit! So if you’re looking for a cost effective, fun party idea, consider a doughnut decorating party.

If you’re wondering, these kits work just as well for cupcake, cookie and gingerbread decorating parties.

Did you make this doughnut decorating kit?

I’d love to see it, share in the comments or tag @craftyourbeautiful on Instagram and include the hashtag #craftyourbeautiful.

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