DIY Fabric Face Mask

DIY Fabric Face Mask

Before the massive lockdowns hit, I intended creating a DIY fabric face mask to wear at the nail salon. I hate dust; as does my nose which goes berserk when the nail drills whirl up to shave off a hardened layer of gel or acrylic. Fast forward to the present situation and COVID-19 has catapulted my mask-making plans.

While authorities debate whether you should or shouldn’t wear a mask, I have been erring on the side of caution. My stance has always been to avoid being one of “the sheep”. You know those easily-influenced-follow-the-herd-without-question types? Present me with facts and I’ll make an informed decision, but in the absence of facts I’m following my gut – please and thank you.

I maintain any mask is better than no mask. But let’s be very clear – a DIY fabric mask is not N-95 rated and hence not suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It will not stop a virus. But, if you don’t have access to N-95 masks and don’t work on the frontlines, a fabric mask is your best bet for limiting exposure.

Wearing a mask does not give you the liberty to leave yourself vulnerable. You still have a civic duty to protect yourself and stop the spread to vulnerable groups.

Even though you are wearing a mask it does not give you the liberty to leave yourself vulnerable. You still have a civic duty to protect yourself and stop the spread to vulnerable groups.

The Design

To increase effectiveness, this mask has three layers. Two cotton layers for the front and a woven layer for the back (cotton/jersey T-shirt will also work). You don’t need any special fabric to make your DIY fabric face mask. A rummage through the closet will usually turn up suitable candidates. Make sure whatever fabric you decide on is breathable! Vinyl, pleather and waterproof fabrics need not apply!

I created fabric earloops for the DIY fabric face mask instead of elastic. Most of us don’t have elastic stashed at home unless we are seamstresses. If you do have elastic and want to retrofit the mask to use that instead, feel free.

The edges of the mask are finished with binding tape. I like the polished look it provides. Binding tape can be purchased from Amazon or any craft store, or you can follow Treasurie’s tutorial to make your own.


This is not a disposable mask, so you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure that it is always clean. Before first use and after each use, wash and sterilize. A run through the washer on a hot water cycle or boiling in a pot of hot water works. Once dry, store in a clean Ziploc bag until you need it.

If you expect you will be using the mask often, make multiples. I made two masks each for myself and hubby to ensure we always have a clean backup.

Materials for DIY Fabric Face Mask

  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric for the front
  • 1 piece of tightly woven fabric for the back (cotton T-shirt)
  • 1/2″ double fold bias binding tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Iron

Instructions for DIY Fabric Mask

STEP 1: Download the Free Printable DIY Fabric Face Mask Template

Download the free printable DIY fabric face mask template from the printables library. The template is a medium-sized adult template.

STEP 2: Print the Template

Print the template and cut it out.

STEP 3: Watch the video

Congratulations, you made a DIY fabric face mask!

Did you make this mask?

I’d love to hear and see how it turned out. Leave a comment below or tag @craftyourbeautiful on Instagram and include hashtag #craftyourbeautiful.

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