20 Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas for  Christmas

20 Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Gift wrapping can range from the very complicated to the “my-five-year-old-did-it” so there is definitely something for every style and level of expertise. And with Christmas around the corner, if you enjoy wrapping presents, you’re probably on the prowl for unique stylish gift wrapping ideas. Well look no further – I have you covered.

If you hate wrapping presents, this is not the post for you. Save yourself the stress and pay for a gift wrapping service or call a friend. If you plan to call a friend though, please don’t wait till the last minute! Memories of my mum descending on my room after Christmas lunch with a ginormous heap of presents to be wrapped for the guests already sitting in our living room is still vivid in my mind! Yikes! You see, creativity takes time (don’t let anyone convince you otherwise) and we creators need time to conceptualize, gather materials and then try the darn thing which might go through a couple iterations before it’s just right. The mass production time-crunch gift wrapping is not for creators! (Mummy I hope you’re reading this 🙂 )

If you do enjoy gift wrapping though, feast your eyes because I’ve curated 20 festive and stylish gift wrapping ideas to spark your own ideas and creativity. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

20 Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

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